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Start a Relationship with a
Competent Web Design Company

If you are new to the task selecting a competent designer, you need a good understanding of what to look for when hiring someone to design your new website. While you might believe it should be a simple task, there are some specific aspects you should understand that will guide you toward successfully obtaining – and using – an effective online presence. You need to find a good website company where you can build a long-term relationship.

Website Definition

There are basically two categories of website definition: commercial and personal. Commercial websites are ones designed for businesses and organizations to gain an online presence. Personal websites are typically for individuals. Beyond the website definition lies the actual intended use for an online presence. While a personal website might be strictly created to present individual information, commercial websites take on many uses.

Website Planning

Any business seeking to create an effective online presence needs to set primary and secondary goals before selecting a competent web designer. Website design will be dictated by established goals. It is important that you are able to effectively communicate with any selected competent website designer. Purchasing a website involves many factors you need to consider that will affect your online presence like:

Domain Name Registration

Website Design

Website Hosting

Website Promotion

Therefore, you need to establish goals that you can communicate effectively before hiring a website design company. Setting goals to obtain an effective online presence should answer these questions:

* What are your reasons for an online presence?
* What is your budget?
* Will you offer products and/or services for sale?
* Do you know who your target audience is?
* Do you have a recognizable brand?
* Do you know your competition?
* What is your time frame for getting online?
* Do you have a company logo? Proprietary graphics?
* What will happen to your business if you never create a website?
* Have you selected a domain name already?
* Do you have a plan for website promotion?
* What do you know about website hosting?

Pick a Competent Website Design Company

Once you have the answers to these questions, it’s time to seek out a website design company. In this age of one-stop shopping, you may wish to select a company that offers all the services you need to create a successful and effective online presence. There are thousands of companies that offer website design services only. There are also a similar amount offering website hosting only. Consider the value hiring a company that offers all you need, including domain name registration.

But, don’t let it stop there.

After Sale Services

If one of your goals is to attract visitors to your site offering products and services, the company that helped you select and register your name, built the site and hosts it for you, will add a great deal of value to your relationship through website promotion services. A company that offers after sale services is worth the trust and investment you have placed in them.

Although you can easily make price comparisons when examining which website design company to hire, you’ll never see the intangible of customer service listed as a fee. A good website company realizes that your hiring them is the start of a relationship. It’s not buying a product off the shelf, paying for it at the register and then heading out the door on your own. A good website company will offer ongoing support delivering up-to-date valuable information when you need it.

KATenterprises values the long-term relationships we have established with our many satisfied customers. We invite you to join this family.

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